Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Armies on Parade: White Scars Edition Part 2 (The Build)

With the design marked out on the MDF base, I started to work on building the broken down flyover. I wanted the roadway to look grand, but also to keep the buildings modular. To do this I used thin cork sheet on the base to raise the road level. 

 I wanted pillars to sit along the bridge, so using cake pillars, I marked them out along the road evenly. 

 I used blue insulation foam as the supports. I initially tried to glue these with contact adhesive, however, very quickly I realised that this material melted with the solvents in the glue. I instead switched to white glue, which took a lot longer to dry. 

To match the bases on My white scars, I began the painstaking process of cutting and sticking down plasticard 1cm2 tiles to the roadway. I wish I had thought of a simpler way...

I took a break from the tiling to build up the bridge, adding cork sheet to the wooden base, and foamboard walls to the sides. 
 I used blue insulation foam cut into squares to make the plinths along the roadway. 

A quick test fit of the buildings and flyover foundations allowed me to mark out the modular bases for the terrain pieces. 

And then I added more tiles...
 and more tiles...

 and more tiles...

and more tiles!!!

I then test fitted the modular bases. 

I added texture using premixed filler

And the build is (Mostly) Complete. 

Next up: Undercoating and painting. 

1 comment:

  1. Excellent work !

    Fantastic patience on all of those little squares.

    Don't forget to paint the foam block with watered down PVA before you do anything to it.


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