Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Quick Post: IKEA find

Hi all. Just a quick post today. I recently went for a meander around Ikea when I was killing some time, and spotted this. It’s labelled as a green house, but with glass front and sides, I thought it would be a neat storage unit/ display case for miniatures in my man cave garage. It can hold quite a bit more than a standard ikea display cabinet, and has a shelf on the top, and some space underneath, which is large enough to store boxed games or a plastic under bed box. 
I picked one up, and it’s great. I currently use it for projects that are Work in Progress, and keep my 4 Ikea display cabinets for fully painted minis.

It is very sturdy once assembled, and can be attached to the wall for added stability. The shelves are somewhat height adjustable. The only down side is that the base of the shelves is ridged, so smaller bases tend to sit wobbly. But for WIP models and vehicles this isn’t an issue. I may cut some hardboard shelf toppers if I need a perfectly flat surface, but I’m happy enough for now. 

All in all, i’m pleased with this little find.

Anyone found any other IKea gems I might have missed?


  1. Oh that's good, does it have a funny name ?

    1. Yeah, I'd like to know the specific name to see if I can get hold of a couple of them myself. It looks great!

  2. The IKEA desk lamp I got absolutely changed my life. This is a Nice Thing.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

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