Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Signal found...Communication reconnected

It has been quite a break from the blog. Honestly real life has been massively impacting on my gaming time over the last two years. Buying a house, changing Jobs, studying alongside new job, getting ready for a wedding and getting married. It has been great, but busy.

My Beautiful bride, my Uncle (The Piper) and myself enjoying our wedding day. 

On the plus side, I have been hobbying away, which means there is lots of content I can add to the blog. :)

At this point blogs seem to be less and less relevant, but I still like the format as a way to create a personal hobby diary.

So, until I make some more dedicated posts. Here’s a compilation of pictures of the hoody projects I will be highlighting in the coming weeks.

Last years Army on Parade Board

Dabbling into AoS

Some Commissions

A Pilgrimage to Warhammer World With Tom

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  1. Well, it's good to see you posting again ! looking forward to seeing more soon.


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