Friday, 16 June 2017

White Scar Bikers- Forgeworld outrider squad

I have long admired the outriders Bikers from Forgeworld. They are a pricey unit money wise, but they are absolutely fantastic looking models. I have been planning a Kharadron Overlords army for Age of Sigmar, so I was desperate to get the

First things first I had to create the bases for the squad, matching my Imperial Palace theme.

I used the new oval bases for these rather than the slim line bases they where originally supplied with, I felt they were a bit more cinematic, and actually where a great size. 
 As per usual with the white scars, I have broken the painting down into sub assemblies for the airbrush stages. I have previously always hated doing units like cavalry or bikes due to the extra components, but the airbrush has made this very straight forward.
 I have magnetised the guns so that I can swap between plasmas and bolters, as I may want to use these in 40k games.

And the final shot. I will try and get some better shots of the army over the summer as I will be able to use the better light and I will have more time off. 

Generally I am quite pleased with how the army is developing. I am really looking forward to my first horus heresy game soon!


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