Monday, 6 February 2017

White Scar Cataphractii Terminators- Betrayal at Calth Almost completed

So the Lightning Claw equipped Cataphractii Terminators are complete, leaving just the Contemptor Dreadnought, Chaplain and Praetor to finish off and my Betrayal at Calth set is completed!
I will post up better pictures when I have my camera and lightbox unpacked from storage, but I am pleased with how these came out. I have finally become confident with the marble bases, so I will be posting up a tutorial for how to build and then paint these soon. 

I used the new GW technical gemstone paints for the lightning claws. These are very easy to work with and produce a nice finish. Fits what I was after very well with minimal effort. The paint can be very gloopy though!

The keen eyed among you may notice the sergeant has a different tabbard (I think that is what they are called) between his legs, it is taken from the space marine commander plastic sprue. This was only because I lost the original, but actually it turned out quite nice, and adds a little bit of movement to the miniature that wasn't there before. 

A group shot of the completed miniatures so far. Quite pleased to get all this infantry out of the way.

I have also had a go at painting the interior of my Deimos Pattern Rhino. I will be getting two more of these down the line, but for now, I am resolved to finish what I have before allowing myself any more toys. 

This was quite a quick paint job, couldn't justify spending too much time on it. 

I might add some chevrons around the yellow. I mean who doesn't love yellow and black chevrons. 

To be honest, I think I need a little break from white before I finish off any more of this legion. Perhaps I need to dig out something a bit different for my next project. 


  1. They look great - Yours is the only 30K Whitescar army I know of....

    As for painting the inside of a rhino; good effort. Apparently there are people out there who paint them even if they're going to glue all the doors shut...

    1. They do tend to be very thin on the ground at the moment. I would say that when Forge World finally get around to them, they will be a bit more popular. Holding Out for the Khan in miniature form!

      Like the Valkyries, I like painting the interior when it's there. It feels a bit like getting extra miniature for your money. :)


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