Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Horus Heresy: White Scars Legion- Tactical squads 2 and 3 completed

I have finally plowed through the second and third squads of tactical marines from the Betrayal at Calth Boxed set. These Mark IV sprues are fantastic. I am really excited to get to work on some of forgeworld units now that I have the troop choices under my belt. Here are a few images of what I have so far:
Above is the second squad, all finished bar the weapon options that are magnetized, but I will do these as I need them I think. For now, plasma and chainsword will suffice.
 Third squad has a combi melta armed sergeant. Again, he has extra options, but will keep the Melta for now. 

And finally everything I have all together. The terminators still need bases, unit markings and the lightning claw scheme sorted out (still working on some nice effects).

I'm really chuffed with how the bases have turned out. That's all for now. I'll get some non grainy phone pics ready for next time. 


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