Friday, 30 December 2016

The Man Cave 2.0

The man cave is dead, Long live the Man Cave!

As I moved back with my parents last year to save up for a mortgage, I had to give it up, and have been living somewhat of a hobby half life since then.

Well, the new house is mine, and although I am not allowed little soldiers in the house, I have been given permission to turn the garage into a shrine to my hobby... Introducing the Man Cave 2.0!

Above is a little panorama shot. The ceiling is very high and there is plenty of space for a gaming area, seating area and workshop space. 

I couldn't resist setting up a gaming table. I couldn't fit one in my last room, so it's nice to finally have the space for it.

At the moment, my little Nissan Micra is enjoying the garage, but soon it will be relegated to the drive.

I have big plans, although they will take a long time to get right. First thing to sort out is a bit of heating and some insulation solutions. It can be quite cold as it is a large space, and only single brick. (any Ideas welcome!) Currently I'm considering some kingspan boarding and some loft insulation overhead, but I'm a bit worried about damp, so ventilation may be required. 

There is plenty of power to the garage, and the windows and side door are double glazed. Even the shutter door is thick and well sealed. 

As for heating I may look into a wood burning stove (professionally fitted of course, as they can be a dangerous to novices i've been told). Also considering if it is possible to use the old oil central heating system that is still in place as the house was converted to gas a few years ago.

Anyway, more soon, I will be working on this for a while, so plenty of time to weigh up my options. 

I'm always on the lookout for inspiration. :)


  1. oh very nice ! mine was fine until two kids filled it with bikes and scooters and prams.

  2. Haha. I can imagine. I've got another year or two before that becomes a happy problem to have. :)


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