Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Return of the Valkyries

As you may know, I have had some pretty bad luck with my air force over the last couple of years, thanks largely to the bulky and difficult to store nature of the Valkyrie models. I did however come into possession of 3 already built Valkyries mid last year, and I finally resolved to get them up and running. Here are some pictures of Green squadron (Valkyrie transports) and Blue Squadron (Vendetta Gunship Squadron) together. It is worth noting that both these squadrons need a little extra detailing (more yellow and black chevrons and the pilot names etc. etc.)

 Green squadron- the valkyries have magnetized multiple rocket pods and nose guns like the vendettas. These valkyries are the first I have done with the airbrush, but despite a little difference in shade of the brown, I am generally happy with how they turned out. 

 I tried to make the cork on the bases look like a dry river bed, with some very small flat pieces clumped together, with some larger pieces creating some levels. I will hopefully get around to making some mini dioramas on the bases, similar to the troop bay on my halftracks. 
 All the fliers are part of the 40th Corps task force on Vesen, therefore they all wear the task force vehicle markings, noted as the blue and white striping on the nose. 

My current painted air force all together. Hopefully the Vulture will be completed soon.

I will finally be getting the keys to my new house (and more importantly my new man cave) this Friday. I will update soon with pictures of my new digs and talk about the big plans I have for the workshop/gaming room. 


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