Friday, 23 September 2016

Deathstrike Missile Launchers- Ready to luanch

I'm getting to grips with the airbrush. This time I have blasted out a unit that I have always wanted to try out. I finally gathered up three of these monstrous weapons.

 As you can see I have built these tanks pretty much straight from the kit, as quite frankly, I already loved the design. I would love to do a bigger wheeled version, but that would purely be for the fun of having a super huge missile (Ordinatus?)

 As I bought these kits second hand, the hatches had already been glued into place, but I'm happy with the over all finish. They match up very well with the basilisks.

 Perhaps one of the parts I am most proud of is the cevrons on the dozer blade. I even managed to add a couple of paint chips. I used LX tape rather than masking as it didnt seep as much with the airbrush paint. I was particularly pleased with how vibrant the yellow ended up looking.

I was going to add colour to the head of the missile, however, I think I like the simple white. I simply couldn't have got the shading so smooth without the airbrush. 
The spotlight was also finished off simply with the airbrush. 

I did get these tanks out for a game, however as I was playing Nids with lots of monstrous creatures, the results were a little underwhelming. I would love to crack them out against a horde army or even some marines. These could be lethal to a gladius! More soon. :)


  1. Oooh. Heavy artillery is always better in quantity. Super.

  2. You did lovely work with these. I have to say that these come from the days when GW had essentially no ideas. Deathstrike missiles have no place on the 40k battlefield. The concept of shooting a ICBM at a target so close you could through a baseball at it is beyond even GW standard level of ridiculous. They would make interesting 3d mission objectives.

  3. I'm really pleased with these. The airbrush is great, although I still have a lot of learning to do.


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