Monday, 22 August 2016

Horus Heresy White Scars- work continues

I have been slowly progressing with my White Scars Legion Army. I have started with the betrayal at Calth box. This is definitely become one of the classic Games Workshop releases in a very short period of time in my own humble opinion. Such excellent value and a great way to kick off a new force. Here are some work in progress shots of my first tactical squads. I learnt a lot just from this first squad!

 I magnetised the bolter arms on this first squad, as I wanted to be able to swap out some of the choices down the line to play standard games of 40k. This actually made it very easy to paint the miniature as I was able to take of the arms when I wanted to do some detail work.

 As I was airbrushing the squad I fixed them to corks. In future I would avoid the double sided tape, as it tended to allow paint to pool around the feet and peel off some of the paintwork when removing it later on. I would pin the feet to mount them to the corks.

I mixed in some of the forgeworld white scars heads. these are expensive, but they were too good not to feature on the models. I will mix in about 3 or 4 to each ten man squad just to add some flavour. I think they mix in quite well. I have also used the mark 3 and mark 2 Forge World White Scar shoulder pads. These really help lift the model. 

 Here are the Cataphractii Terminators beside the tactical squads. I used the airbrush to build up the white, however, I made a massive mistake by washing the white with wash, something I won't be doing again! :)

Myself and my good friend Robby decided to create our own bases, so that our legions (Robby is building a Blood Angel force) would match. We thought it would be cool to have some Imperial palace style bases, for when the final battle eventually arrives. As both our legions actively took part it made sense. In the Black Library novel Scars, it mentions that at least a section of the Emperors palace has black and white marble tiled flooring, so we decided that would look cool!

These are the 10 32mm bases we built, which were in turn cast in resin. All other base sizes will be custom made to order for now.

This is the prototype colour scheme. I added green for a bit of contrast and the white is nice and dull so that it doesn't look strange with the White Scar power armour.

I will add completed pictures of the squad soon. In the meantime, its on to the next 20 legionnaires!


  1. Excellent job on the paint. White scars are very cool, I don't think I'd be able to pull off that white so well.

  2. Honestly, I wouldn't have even tried it if I didn't have the air brush. Even my cheapy airbrush allows me to get smoother finish whilst still including some subtle transitions. I definitely won't be washing the whole model again though, that added about 3 nights work just to build up the white highlights again!

  3. Interesting stuff. I think mine may end up as Space Wolves. But only time will tell.

  4. Those look fantastic - awesome work, man!

  5. Thanks guys!

    Zzzzzz- Looking forward to seeing your Space Wolves.


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