Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Back with a Bang! Astra Militarum Demolition Special weapons

It has been a while since my last update. As always when real life moves fast, blog updates tend to move slow. I have got a full time position in the college I have been teaching in, so I have been able to get onto the housing ladder, agreeing a sale on a house, with a decent garage (AKA Gaming Man Cave!)

Hobby wise I have been tying up loose ends more than anything. I recently traded some Space Marine Centurions I had won for a squadron of three unwanted Valkyries, so I was able to crank up the airbrush and repaint them to match my Vendetta squadron. I also managed to finish off the Vengeance weapons batteries and Icarus lascannon that have been on my painting desk for quite a while. Pics to follow in future posts!

I have also finished off my second infantry platoon for 5th Company. I painted up a few special weapons squads, one with sniper rifles and another with demolition charges. I really like how cheap you can get a squad of 6 Imperial Guardsmen with 3 sniper rifles. They are a great little objective secured unit, that is cheap and disposable, perfect to leave on an objective.

I used a mix of sniper models. Scope from The Last Chancers, a Catachan sniper and the new (well, to me anyway) plastic sniper from the cadian command sprue. The rest of the squad I used some plastic scout heads and heavy weapons sprue accessories to complete the spotter type look. 

The demo squad is very expensive points wise, very suicidal, but a whole heap of fun! I usually take one from this squad and mix it with a flamer Special weapons squad for a bit of added punch. 
 As Always for this company, I used a mix of cadian and catachan parts to give the squad an ad-hoc feel.
 These Demolition charge toting guardsmen are one of my favourite IG models of all time. So glad to finally have them in my force.
 As I didn't have a third demo charge model, I simply converted on out of a few bits of tubing and the forgeworld grenade crate carrying arm. The rest of the model uses parts from the cadian command sprue.

I wanted the rest of the squad to look quite dynamic, again mixing in parts from both Cadian and Catachan sprues.

Thats all for now. I have a small stock pile of hobby projects to present here, so more to follow soon!

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  1. Good to see more on here, congratulations on the job and house (with all important garage) !

    And they look good too !


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