Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Astra Militarum- More Veterans and Vengeance Weapons

Recently I have been trying to finish off long forgotten about projects in an effort to stop spending money. This has actually been brilliant fun, allowing me to not only ease a sense of guilt every time I buy another new model, but also has given me a real sense of satisfaction when a unit is completed. 

Two of the units I have been meaning to get around to for a long time are the wall of Martyrs Vengeance Weapons (with Punisher cannons of coarse) and my third squad of Veteran Guardsmen.

I will post up some better pics soon, rather than this just finished painting image, but as you can see I have reused my old scout heavy bolter conversion to count as Harker and the squad has been outfitted with meltas. I also wanted this squad to have the demolitions doctrine modelled on the unit, so I have included a forgeworld demo charge and a few guys throwing melta bombs. 

You can find my previous veteran squads HERE!

Next up was the vengeance weapons that have been sitting on my desk for months. I kept having to move them around whilst at the keyboard and looking at them guiltily as they lay there, undercoated black, crying out to be painted and used! I finally cracked and broke out the airbrush, although I would at some point like to add a little bit of weathering at some point. Again, I will try to get some nicer pics up soon, but the scheme matches my Imperial Bunker very well. Next, I will try and paint up one of my Bastions.


  1. The weapon emplacements look fantastic and the squad look like they have just about as much as they can carry. Nicely posed as well.

  2. Thanks. The weapons emplacements are still just a little clean looking. some weathering will sort it out. As for the vets, I'm glad that the weight of the heavy equipment comes across. :)


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