Monday, 4 April 2016

Astra Militarum- Lascannon conversions

Well the posts are coming in comparatively thick and fast here. Just snapped some shots of my Lascannon teams. Needed some hard hitting firepower to go with the autocannons.

For the bigger bases I have started to use thin cork sheets to help add texture. I personally love the effect!
As you can see I have made them in a similar style to my previous, pak 38 inspired anti tank carraiges, with pneumatic tyres and a more enveloping gun carraige. The wheels were slightly smaller this time, so the proportion isnt as good as my previous, one off, conversion. I still like the effect though.

I have used a variety of different Catachan miniatures again, partially to speed up the process to be honest as converting Cadians can be a little time consuming.

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