Sunday, 27 March 2016

Still going strong- A hobby update!

Hi guys- its been a good while since I have had the chance to post anything new, despite some very interesting things happening in my hobby.

Firstly I recently started working with Beasts of War producing some hobby content for their videos. Its been great fun working with the guys, who if you haven't checked out the site, is well worth visiting. While preparing videos for them, I have learnt so much more, not only about the game, but about the background and history of 40k.

On the hobby front I have been working away on many projects, most guard related as usual, but I have also started my white scars legion force- more on this later.

So on the Astra Militarum front, I have painted up my final infantry platoon for my 5th company- This includes Special weapons teams (demo charges and snipers), 3 infantry squads (with snipers) and a Lascannon heavy weapons squad. I will post up more pictures soon, but for now, heres the basic platoon...

I can't remember if I brought these up before, but there is a brilliant company that makes IG compatible parts. Its called Mad Robot Miniatures and the quality of the parts are second to none. They are based in the states so the postage can be a little steep, but I will definitely be ordering from then again. Below is one of the beret heads. The 3d sculpts are flawless and the resin is superb. Can't recommend these guys high enough!

I also had to dig out my Cypher model and get him repainted for a series of battle reports over at Beasts of War. If you are a back stager, then they are well worth a watch.

Finally as promised, I have started work on my legion. With the value of the Betrayal at Calth set, I simply had to start work on a legion and I finally settled on White Scars. I have always wanted to build a White Scar force and really I could think of no better excuse, particularly as both myself and a group of friends have joined together to produce special Imperial Palace bases for all our legions (more on these soon!)

I finally realised that I had to get an airbrush, I couldn't ever manage to get the white smooth enough, so I picked a cheap starter kit up, and honestly, I wouldn't go back!!! I started with the terminators as they will probably see the least action as time goes on.

Still a lot of work to go on this squad, if anyone has any suggestions for the claws I'd be very grateful!:)

Hopefully I will work up to a nice Iwata Eclipse, but for now, I will build up my technique with base coats. still very happy with the results.

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