Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Stronghold Assualt- Camo Pattern Imperial Bunker

Well I promised some more pictures of my Imperial Bunker: I actually really enjoyed everything about this kit! It is very simple to assemble, nicely detailed and generally a joy to paint. I had intended to simply dry brush it grey and detail in metal, with a wash to pick out detail, but I really enjoyed painting this model, so much so that I spent most of Friday night painting it.

I tested out GW's new gold paints on the winged skull. I used a base coat of Warplock Bronze, then a good heavy coat of Retributor Armour, and then wash of the technical paint Nihilakh Oxide. I then highlighted with a light dry brush of Liberator Gold. The new golds provide excellent coverage. I am very impressed with these paint, they are definitely worth the extra money! 

I added a mixture of Jungle and swamped tufts to the (very grim-dark) ground around the bunker.

I originally painted the outer walls green, then used making tape to cover odd shapes around the bunker wall, and then dry brushed over in grey. this gave me a camo effect when I removed the masking tape. I edge highlighted some of the green to help it stand out a little more.

 To paint the metal I used the same technique as I used on my Stormlord's tracks. I dry brushed the surface with bolt gun metal (Leadbelcher does the same thing, I'm just using up my old stock). I then stippled on some of the Ryza Rust technical paint. This always looks very bright, so I wash all the metal with an equal part mix of Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade and Lahmian Medium.

To finish off the metal I highlighted the edges with Rune Fang Steel. I added it to the gouges and damage as well.

 I wanted the top hatch to contrast with the rest of the model. I will be painting an escape hatch the same colours as the airlock style doors. For the red I used Mephiston Red as a base, layered on Wazdakka Red and then highlighted with Wild Rider Red. I then inked it down with Carroburg Crimson. The white was a base of thin coats of Celestra Grey and then thinner coats of Ceramite White. I then applied a coat of Nuln Oil thinned down with plenty of Lahmian Medium. I must admit, I use Lahmian medium for everything, its even good just to use instead of water to thin down paints.

Im very pleased with the finished product. I am considering repainting my Aegis defence line to match this camo pattern. Also, I am looking forward to getting stuck into the two bastions I picked up. I think I've got the bug for fortifications, I am keeping my eyes peeled for a Sky Shield landing pad!


  1. Looks nice. One thing that I do not like in the model is the base. Seriously, why there are LOADS of poor dead guardsmen???

  2. As an Astra Militarum player, I'm also not a terribly big fan of the dead guardsmen, but in general I really like this model. If you wanted you could probably either saw them off or fill in the slopes and base the bunker itself.

  3. That is very well done, man! Really dig how that turned out.


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