Sunday, 9 August 2015

Astra Militarum Conscript Squad- 20 down, 30 to go!

Hi Guys- Its good to be back. Whilst I haven't had much blog time, I've had a million things going on both hobby and real world related. More on this another time...

I have been collecting a random assortment of old metal Imperial Guard/ Necromunda models for a while with the intention of creating a scratch company inspired conscript platoon. The term scratch company is used in the 'Gaunt's Ghosts' novel 'Necropolis' to describe guerilla/ militia style fighters made up of depleted PDF squads, gangers and angry hive citizens who have taken up arms in defence of their city/ planet.

As my force is currently fighting on the planet of Vesen, in the Horizon sub-sector, this unit is made up of Vesen locals.

A good portion of the squad so far is made up of the classic metal Cadians. These are members of the Vesen Defence Force. I thought the less high-tech look of the armour and weaponry compared to my Vastadtians in their Cadian pattern armour suited the PDF forces. 

I have used members of the last chancers and a few classic Tanith figures to the squad. I thought these guys looked like local militia fighters. 
 I also have a few Valhallan and steel legion models, representing the polar forces that defend the polar promethium fields (a vital lifeline for Imperial forces on Vesen). There is also a rat-skin in the mix. The next batch of conscripts will include a lot more of the old Necromunda miniatures I have accrued.
 And finally some of the scratch company defending a lonely imperial outpost. 
I recently picked up an Imperial Strong-point and this Imperial Bunker for a reasonable price. I was excited to paint the bunker up. More pics of this model very soon. 


  1. Great stuff. Love it how you have managed to tie the disparate styles of guardsmen together with that unifying paint scheme.
    I've done something similar mixing up orlocks and the odd last chancer with catachans for my hive militia force.... those old necromunda minis are still some of my favorite gw sculpts to paint.

  2. What a marvellously characterful unit - absolutely love it!

  3. Nice, I love the homogeneous look.

  4. Thanks guys. glad you like it. The grey armour helps to keep in line with my guard army as a whole, but I wanted them different enough to look like a separate allied fighting force. More to come with this unit!

  5. PS. I also love the old necromunda sculpts. Although it makes me sound terribly old, they just dont make them like that any more. Yes the new plastics are fantastic and nicely designed, but something gets lost in the CAD process in my humble opinion.

    PPS. Homogeneous is a great word!

  6. Very nice mix of old minis, and they go well with the new terrain! And I love the common paint scheme, they all look like part of the same army.


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