Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Rogue Trader Imperial Guard Platoon

And so the school bell tolls! (OK, I work in a college, not a school and we don't have a bell, but we do have summer holidays!)

So after a couple of months of a break from blogging (between work and my computer being out of action) I finally get to show you all what I have been working on for these past few months.

First up is my Rogue trader platoon, which has been lying around my room for a shameful 2 years without completion.

Hope you like them. They were done in only a few nights, so I think I rushed some of the stages, and I found it hard to keep up the motivation on some of the models if I'm honest.

Generally though I am quite pleased with the result. I was surprised how well some of the new parts intergrated so well with these old models. I love the character these figures have, and I only wanted to add subtle parts to update them.

I have also got a sentinel to complete for this small detachment, however I think I will have to save that for another time. 

Its nice to be back.... 


  1. Beautiful work. I'm still impressed how newer iggy bits mesh in with metals moulded in the late eighties. Two years ?! that's positively speedy....

  2. Great stuff! Love these old minis.... I use them as auxilia in my tyrants legion.

  3. Looking good! Most of mine are painted up as support units for my Praetorians, but good to see more of the ancient IA out there...

  4. I love these old miniatures. There is nothing saying you can't go back and spend some quality time adding more depth to them. I think they look good now, but if it is nagging at you just do it! I was surprised to find out how much more I enjoyed my old Blood Angels after I did some touch ups.

  5. Glad you guys like em. John Stiening- yeah I might go back over these guys a little later. theres just a few wee details I'd like to add.

    I agree that the newer IG parts mesh surprisingly well with these old figs. there is a bit of scale creep sometimes, but generally they fit right in.

  6. Wow, these would be great as a Horus Heresy army.

  7. Looks great.Fitz well with the rest off the army.

  8. How did I miss this? Just astonishing!

    Exactly the kind of thing that made me fall for 40K all those years (decades) ago...only WAY better painted than 98% of the stuff you'd see back then.


  9. Thanks for the comments, Im very pleased to finally get these guys game worthy. I agree Drax, even though I only just remember these at the start of my 40k career, they always stuck with me. It took many years of picking up bits and pieces from ebay to get to platoon strength.

    I also agree with you Rolz. I might get these guys a game or two in HH in future.


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