Friday, 13 March 2015

The StormLord Is Complete! Now Who Wants A Game?!?

I had finally got this finished about 2 or 3 weeks ago, but due I had leant my light box to a friend, so I'm only just getting the photos done and up now. I'm very pleased with how this project has come along, and I have definitely learnt a thing or two about plasticard and scratch building with this build.

Without further ado, here are the final pics (well I do still hope to add some tank riders, but final pics for now).

 I added some light dusting to the track area of graveyard earth to help with the weathering. I'm very pleased with how the paint turned out. 

For the gunners, I used Valkyrie door gunner bodies and arms, and Mad robot tank heads. The Mad Robot pieces are excellent, really high quality and add that brilliant bit of variety to the stock heads and other accessories.

A general overview of the rear troop bay. I managed to make it a good bit more spacious than the original.

I'm really pleased with how the yellow and black striping turned out. I was worried that it might look a little too cartoon like.

I was worried that the exhausts might look a little small, but they don't seem to be too out of place.

This picture gives a better idea of all the magnetized pieces. I've never really used magnets before, but I'm starting to wonder why. They are simply brilliant.

That's all for now. I should have some exciting news in the next week or so. I've scheduled some time to really work on tidying up the blog and sorting out some content I have been meaning to get round to for a while. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Nicely done. Great craft. Nothing looks cartoon-like at all. Everything looks very realistic.
    The photos are excellent, too (portfolio worthy).

  2. Great stuff and a fitting centrepiece for your massive regiment!


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