Monday, 23 March 2015

Thank You Everyone!

Firstly let me give you all a big thankyou! I am very grateful to everyone who has signed up to this site and has listened to my insane hobby ramblings over the last few years. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone as my blog hits 100,000 views.

I orginally started this blog whilst studying at uni, as a way to keep my hobby alive. I could only bring a few things with me, so I had to concentrate on maximizing my hobby in ways other than gaming. The blog kept me interested, a blog post was inspired by my hobbying activity and my hobby activity was inspired by my need to create a new post to keep the blog alive. This kept me going whilst I had so many other distractions in my life.
The Cavern Club, Liverpool- Home of the Beatles, and one of the many distractions at Uni.

For the last two years however the blog struggled somewhat. My time was nearly exclusively sapped by work. These were dark times for not only my blog and my hobby, but my life in general. So, changes had to be made, and I got myself a new job. I went from event management within the Catering industry to lecturing in Performing Arts. Quite a change, and one I am so glad I made! This new job is not only much better hours, it is a million times more fun and creative ( I recently had to spend a whole day teaching young performers how to perform comedy falls...Life is good!). This means when I go home at night, I am ready, even itching to paint and hobby and game, rather than being too tired and fed up!
My Armoured car, the first picture I posted on my blog!

I will continue to improve this blog, starting with a redesign of the page and a bit of a facelift. I want to get back to my tutorials, and start working on video battle reports.

That's all for now, but coming soon I will have some exciting announcements and a competition to reward my very supportive readers!


  1. Being a Trade Show Booth designer, I know the long hours of event management! Congrats on getting out and finding a more rewarding job!

    It is important to maintain balance in our lives.... especially when it allows for time to paint! Onwards!

  2. Thanks Lauren! The New Job is brilliant, couldn't ask for a better team to work with either.

  3. Hey, mate - that's great news: congrats on the 100K!

    Fun fact: a fellow blogger and I both studied at Dartington College of Arts (when it still existed), albeit unaware of each other's existence, and we're both teachers too now.

    1. Thanks Drax. That's cool. I'm really enjoying the teaching, although it is a very steep learning curve! :)


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