Sunday, 1 March 2015

CHARGE!- Astra Militarum Versus Orks

My Friend Tom (Uniteallaction) O'Reilly has been busy turning old space hulk board pieces into bunker defence lines. He has done quite a sterling job and we got chatting about what to play on them.

As he built them, it is only fair that he gets to defend the lines, meaning that my Imperial guard will be trying to wrestle them from him. Tom Mentioned that he wanted to play a game where I used only infantry to assault, much like an old fashioned infantry charge over the top. This certainly did appeal, so we have set the date for today.

I will be playing all my painted Infantry forces and Tom can choose whatever he would like to defend the Bunker complex. We have modified some old third edition missions to fit the mammoth game.

We started with the basis of the old Blitz, Bunker Assault and Strongpoint Attack, putting them together into a format that fits with the 7th edition rules. I will post the mission up here.
But for now onto the fluff:

+++Transmission Begins+++
+Astropath Flintok++++
+++To: Company Commanders: Vastadtian detachment Zero Two Delta- 40th Corps- Vesen+++
+From: HQ Horizon- General Staff- Brig. General Parak+


Reply recieved- Continue to waypoint 480-D, and RV with Armoured units. Begin assault on captured elements of Sectung Line with all haste. It is imperative that these positions are reclaimed. We will begin Artillery operations at 06-00 to 07-30 local time. It is advised that you move in as soon as bombardment ceases. Air support will provide cover once operations have commenced.

The Emperor protects.


++Transmission Ends+++

Bilk finished re-reading the Generals orders. It had been a fine plan when he had read it on the march through the low habs of Vesen Hive on the clear sunny day. Air Cover, Artillery and Tank support, a gentle stroll through Argi-land, and then a jaunt into a battle with good Intel and overwhelming numbers.

The weather had been the first thing to dampen the mood. Electrical storms and high pressure winds had grounded all Imperial Aircraft. The Navy Boys would fight outnumbered ten to one against Ork jets, but ran screaming at a simple gust.

Then they had hit the mine field... That put an end to the armoured support. It would take days to plot a course through, and they couldn't risk the delay. So the Infantry had pushed on, alone, taking what equipment and supplies they could.

The Bombardment had been going on for almost an hour, whilst the Infantry companies had hugged the tree line, waiting for the commanders to issue their orders. "We cant go back, there is no defensive positions for miles and the 'Skins will over-run our fall back." Captain Sperrick put in. Bilk looked at him, giving no hint of emotion. The captain looked away and down at his map. "He's right," Major Eklan replied as the staff meeting continued under the rumbling of the Earthshaker rounds. "Besides, The General Said, we have to retake these lines, it's too close to the Hive and if the Orks get a foothold here, we're sunk."

The Lord Commissar scratched his head with his non bionic hand and squinted as he surveyed the tac-maps. The other officers shifted uneasily, waiting, itching to do something. "Bilk, your Appraisal?" the Lord Commissar asked. Bilk straightened, "well, the primer is clear on these matters sir, if in doubt, Move forward".  The other officers smiled and shook their heads at the simple honest truth of the matter in hand. Bilk always kept words to a minimum, that way they landed like a sledge hammer.

"Its settled then, major?" asked Eklan, as ranking officer he was in command, but given the Lord Commissars status as chief advisor to the 40th corps, had let him chair the meeting. "it would seem so my Lord. Okay gentlemen, rouse your companies. We go at 07-30, lets catch them with their heads down."



  1. Sounds great! I look forward to hearing about and hopefully seeing pictures from the battle itself!


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