Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Update on the Storm Lord/ Some Rough Riders

Work has now completed on the main body of the Stormlord. I completed the heavy stubber nests, but I will be working on some tank riding infantry soon. I will have completed pics soon, but here are some snaps, wit the final details in place. I will get completed pics up before the end of the week.

I also took a bit of time out this week to quickly finish my squad of rough riders. I added two flamers to the squad, using the light weight elysian flamers. I thought these would be more ideally suited for cavalry. I also completed a standard lancer, to round off the squad at the maximum size of 10.


  1. Those flamers really do suit the cavalry. Loving the crane on the storm lord as well.

  2. Absolutely love it. The conversion work on the storm lord is top quality. The rough riders are great too, I love the white and blue colour scheme in your army.

  3. The loading crane on the storm lord is a really nice touch!

  4. Thanks guys. Im pretty pleased with the crane. I always liked the wrecking ball parts from the irk kit. I want to build some sentinel power lifter stand ins using my hoplite with a crane. The Elysian flamers are quite nice to use. Ive had them in my bits box for years, and never knew what to use them for. :)


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