Monday, 23 February 2015

The Bilk is Back! Astra Militarum Commissar

Today I thought I would re-introduce one of my oldest models back into my Imperial Guard force. In the recent campaign against the Orks, he was severely injured, and missing in action for a long time (see this BATTLE REPORT here)

I took this opportunity to find him a new uniform and get him patched up. So here he is, ready to take the field once more. I think Tom has been building some bunker scenery, and is keen to use them. So I may see myself in a desperate infantry charge towards the Ork lines soon.

Bilk is one of those special models in an army that has always performed better than expected. He has taken out chaos Champions, Punched an Ork Squigoth to death and survived and beaten an onslaught of Killa Kans and Ork Dreads. My hope is that his prowess can lead an infantry charge to victory in the face of horrible odds.

That's all for now, more on the Stormlord very soon.


  1. Lovely job - very characterful.

  2. Looks absolutely smashing in the rifleman green. Great paintjob and great character!

  3. Lovely, just lovely, he somewhat reminds me of an officer from 'Sharpe' which just makes home even better in my book! Deffinately a leader character and beautifully painted! Kudos.

  4. Looks great - one of my favourite models too!

  5. I didnt even think about the rifles when I was painting it, but your totally right. :) I agree Drax, One of my favourite guard miniatures.


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