Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Kitbash- Autocannon Sabre Defense platforms

I have always loved the Sabre defense platforms from Forgeworld. The rules are also very strong, and I have been dying to use them for some time.

As much as I love the models, I wanted to create some weapons that looked like the old WW2/ Vietnam War Era anti aircraft emplacements similar to this:

I have had some beat up old sentinels lying around for some time and when I was looking at them I figured they would make a brilliant turret to house the anti aircraft weapons. 

I started off by building the tripod mounting that I had used for my autocannon teams, before affixing n upturned 25mm base to the topside, then simply gluing the sentinel cockpit into place. I then used some old plastic cuppolas from the Leman Russ sprue to mount the autocannons on to. I took some WIP shots, but I cant find them at the moment, I will hopefully find them and put them up at a later date.

Ive used these in quite a few games and I love them. I particularly like the ability to get objective secured, and anchor them on the home objective. With a high toughness and good armour save they can be a real pain defensively, and they also pump out a fair amount of fairly accurate shots. I think another three of these will be in the pipeline soon, perhaps with magnatized weapons, as I would like to have the option for both quad stubbers and lascannons, but I am running low on sentinel cockpits.


  1. They look brilliant! They are very reminiscent of the anti air emplacements you mentioned. You know whats better than 3 sabres? 6. Do it!

  2. Great stuff... simple yet effective and very original!
    You must have a vast bits box to dig out all those cupolas and sentinels!

  3. Thanks guys. Im pretty pleased with them. Yes Colonel Winterborne, couldn't agree more.

    Phil Morris- My bitz box is a product of a long held plastic crack addiction, also Im a total horder and I cant throw anything away.

  4. "I am running low on sentinel cockpits" - Love it, and love these!


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