Friday, 16 January 2015

Starting big in 2015- Astra Militarum Stormlord

Its been a while since I have found the time to get on and blog. Although I have been quiet on here, I have still managed to hobby away in the last few months. I finished a squad of 9 Bullgryns, continued testing things out for the new ultramarines force, and even fitted in the odd game.

In real life I have also secured a new job, which will free up a lot more hobby time and I my hobby goal for the year is to manage at least one game a week. 

Anyway, I have been working away this week on my second superheavy. When the baneblade first came out in plastic I bought one right away, however it sat in my shed for years. I always wanted a stormlord, but they werent included in the original baneblade kit and I couldnt justify the price of one. I have eventually built up the stamina to convert my own using the baneblade sprue, an old landspeeder and a truck load of plasticard. I also ebayed the stormlord heavy stubbers a while back, which I had planned to use on my centuars, but it seemed so much more fitting to put them here. 

Anyway, on to the pictures...
 I went for a shorter weapon bay than the original model, as I wanted to create a larger troop platform.

 The weapon was converted from the back of a land speeder turned upside down and plastic piping added as gun barrels. 
 I then added extra armour plates to the side panels.
 you can see the enlarged troop bay above.
 I love using white plasticard as it allows you to draw the shapes of extra panels you want to add before fabricating them. 
 I built another layer of plating around the gun, I love the way each layer adds more detail to a project like this. 
 I sketched out an outline of the detailed pieces I wanted to creat for the top of the tank.

 Although I will probably not use this crew model, it is one of my favourites.
 I added a series of plastic tube and a wheel hub to create the inlet for an air filter.
 I moved the drivers hatch further up the vehicle, using a Leman Russ' drivers view port.

 I started to build up the crew compartment and sealed off the fuel intakes. 
 More detail added to the top of the gun. 
 I added two plasticard grills either side of the targetter. I figured a weapon of this size would produce a lot of excess heat.
 The crew platform was lined with textured plasticard. 
 Again more detail added to the top of the tank.
  I added more strips of plasticard to work the stubber gunshields into the body of the stormlord.
I added a small crane to the back of the crew bay,I built this using the heavy bolter turret, and the wrecking ball chain from an Ork truck. I thought that the Stormlord might be used to lug extra equipment when not in battle. 

I hope to complete this tanks build over the weekend, and get it ready for battle in the coming weeks. More updates very soon. 


  1. Looking absolutely amazing! These scratchbuilt vehicles really are your forte, can't wait to see the updates.

    Can't say I'd like to be the driver in one of those though, the muzzle flash would pop your eyeballs that close!

  2. Well now, this really is - predictably enough - a work of beautiful genius!

  3. I'm always impressed by the diy builds and this one is very special! Great work!

  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. I agree Phil Morris, the driving position would be a bit erm...un comfortable. :) Really enjoying this project, I'm going through it quickly.


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