Monday, 19 January 2015

Lets Get Rivetted! More work on the Stormlord...

Last night was an interesting one, after cutting over 300 rivets from thin plastic rod, I began adding this finishing touch. Of the rivets cut I have about 25 left, so there is close to 300 rivets added to this vehicle. Once I had found a quick technique, this process became rather enjoyable. Here is what I have so far. 
 As the riveting material I was using was slightly different to the GW rivets, I added extra rivets to the original portions of the tank in order to blend the two types together. 
 I added the road wheel to the armoured plate, and bent some wire around widest part. I cant remember who I seen doing this before, but I thought it looked better than a simple strap. If I can find the genius behind this Idea, I will Certainly reference them. :)
 Perhaps the part of the tank I am most proud of is the top of the gun. I have really learnt a lot on this build about plasticard manipulation. 
 The rear troop bay- I added a halved rhino door to each side of the troop bay to be used as a fire step for the stubbers. I will be adding the crew and stubbers soon. 
 The crane- I wanted this vehicle to feel more like an engineering vehicle than a front line tank. I liked the idea that it would lead a heavily armoured convoy. I also had to make the exhausts smaller, so that I could fit in the crane and make it look usable.  
 Another view- Do these barrels make my bum look big?

That's it for now. there are still some details to be added and then the crew, but I will be painting these separately and adding them in after as I will get a smoother paint finish without them.

This has been a really very enjoyable build. I think there are a few people at my local gaming centre who are keen to blow it up though. :)

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  1. Beautiful work, man! Loving watching this come together!


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