Friday, 30 January 2015

Command Tanks- Tarting up the Leman Russ

The new Astra militarum codex has brought us a number of new units to the table. The choice that has probably made the biggest splash is the Tank commander as an HQ slot. My favourite configuration for this so far has to be Exterminator commander, with an Executioner attached. I usually dont bother with Pask, as I think he simply makes the squad an even bigger target.

With this in mind, I finally got round to repainting my ageing Forge World Executioner, and finishing the command model for my commissar command tank. 

I swapped out the heavy bolters for multimelta sponsons. 

I love this commissar model, the detail is spot on.

 The classic, "drive forward, I want to hit them with my sword" routine.

Still have a few more variants of the russ I want to experiment with. Have to finish off my Vanquisher and Eradicators.


  1. Looking good! Despite what t'interweb sez, the exterminator is my favorite of the russ variants, they just need to bring back the annihalator into the codex now!

  2. Verr sexy!
    And yeah, I like the Exterminator too!

  3. There is nothing not to like about these! Just brilliant, mate.

  4. Thanks guys. This combo has been working great. they really throw out a lot of fire power.

  5. I love the small additions to the commissar tank. I'm so so so going to have to steal the idea someday!
    No las cannon with the plasma? cos you know, 5 AP2 blasts are not enough!

  6. The books on the Commissar tank are inspired. And I do so much prefer the FW executioner to the (IMHO, rubbish) plastic one.

  7. Zzzzzz- I agree, the forgeworld Executioner is my favourite. I think it looks so much more Arcane, as it is supposed to be quite a rare tank. Its the only one I plan on having, where as I have at least two of the other variants (apart from the equally rare Vanquisher).

    Col. Ackland- Unfortunately no lascannon on the Executioner. It was starting to get a bit point heavy as it was. :)


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