Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Bullgryns Completed!

As I mentioned before, I got a reasonable bit of hobby done at the later half of last year. One of the units I am most proud of is the Bullgryns. When I first saw them I wasnt too sure if I liked them or not, but after playing with the sprues and painting them up, I have to admit to really loving both the sculpts and the way the kit has been designed to go together.

Below are some work in progress shots. I was keen to mix up the poses a little. I found that by clipping and swapping the feet around, it was very easy to create a much more dynamic pose.I also built up the bases with miliput, carving some craters into the putty to add detail. I also extended the barrels and added some extra bionic eyes to change up the squad.

Below are some painted shots. I might go back and add some serial numbers and icons to the armour, but generally I am very pleased with how they turned out.

The Chevrons took a night themselves, but it was totally worth the extra time to get them just right.

I just have to add some grass tufts and the bases will also be complete. In game I have been running them with Azriel, to give them a 4+ invuln and also a ministorum priest and they are absolutely rock solid. They sure do take a huge amount of punishment.


  1. Massively impressed, they look brilliant and he simple conversions really make the stand out. The movement you have achieved is really good


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