Saturday, 11 October 2014

The 32nd Vastadtian Regiment- Work so far

So here is how the 32nd Vastadtian regiment looks so far. This Army has been slowly building since the plastic Cadians first came out in 2003.

I am pleased with how the regiment is shaping up, and I hope to finish off the current section, 5th Company (Supply), within the next year. I will then have two more companies (Both much smaller) to complete. These include 2nd Company (scout) and 1st Company (Grenadiers).

You may notice that each company has its own colour scheme, this is to represent a different period in the regiments history. I will discuss these periods alongside the pictures.

Our Pooch wanted to join in. 

Third Company- Vastadtian 32nd

This company is in the camouflage pattern used during the landing on the planet of Horizon. This densely forested world was infested with Orks of the Black Tan Tribe, led by Trackle Black Secrada. The regiment is is fighting this fearsome warlord to this day.

Third Company Command- Company colours fly behind Captain Pluskat, with Colour sergeant Blane, bellowing orders at his side. 

 Forth Company (Siege)- The 4th Company Can be seen here wearing the 40th Corps Honourary Colours, worn whilst on Garrison Duties at the 40th Corps' HQ- the Dodecahedron.  The Company on guard is known as the Stairguard, due to the many levels up to the Command buildings. 

Captain Sperick- Recently Promoted to 4th Company Commander, with his Command Squad.

 5th Company- The main supply Company for the 32nd Vastadtian. In the Standard Colours of the 32nd, during their time on Vesen, a formerly Civilised y class planet in the Horizon Sector. 

 This company houses the Heavy weapons, Penal Detachment and Cargo 6 and 8 supply trucks. There is also a veteran platoon, which specialises in defending convoy runs. 
Major Eklan- One of the Longest serving Soldiers in the Vastadtian Regiment.

 Attached Elements of the 7th Vastadtian Armoured Korps
 Colonel Pluskat- Older Brother to 3rd Company's Captain Pluskat, Commands the Regiment and his BaneBlade, A283
 Commissar Kwell- Ever Vigilent from his Turret/Pulpit of his Exterminator 'Obedience'.
 Exterminator of the 3rd Squadron, 3rd Company, 7th Vastadtian Armoured
 Commander Juvik- 1st Squadron Commander, 3rd Company, 7th Vastadtian Armoured
Battle Tank of the 1st Squadron, 3rd Company, 7th Vastadtian Armoured. The Fist Motif bearing the words Honour and Sacrifice is in memoriam of a Crimson fist detachment who sacrificed themselves to secure enemy held bunkers during the initial engagements on the surface of Vesen. 

A Chimera Refitted for duties as an Ogryn Transport.
S company Troopers assist the Vastadtians under the command of Lady Commissar Balbreacher. 

 The Adeptus Arbites are often called upon to assist the 32nd with Policing duties. The Arbites and the 32nd have generally had a healthy respect for each other.
 Some members of the Ecclesiarchy, Bringing the Lectitio Divinatus to the liberated worlds of the Horizon sector.
Members of the Officio Psykana, working in the Horizon Sector

Chief Ministorum Priest Zelick. Currently attached to 3rd Company.

Well thats all for now. It was nice to get to see the regiment formed up and survey my work over the last 10 years. Still a lot to do, but I hope to field the regiment in its entirety one day. :)


  1. Incredible army! Stunning to see so many well painted guard and tanks. I hope I can get near that size with my praetorians one day.

  2. Wow - this is amazing! Annoyingly, the stupid rural internet is preventing me from viewing all of the pics but I am properly envious!

  3. Bloody great work. Love all the mix of different models you've included.

  4. Impressive! I love a table filling army shot!

  5. wow especially like your psyche conversions!

  6. Thanks guys. Its a labour of love, I just cant help myself when I see a job lot of broken old imperial guard stuff on ebay. :) I'll do another army shot in a few months to see how far this force has moved on in the last year.

  7. Douglas, you can find a link to some more pics of my sanctioned/wyrdvane psykers below-


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