Monday, 11 August 2014

Stratagems- Astra Militarum 7th Edition Codex Overview

With a few more games of 7th under my belt, it is time for me to start working my way through the latest Astra Militarum codex. Hopefully I will get through all the units this time around (didn't expect 6th edition to last only 2 years). 

Generally I really like the new re-branded Astra Militarum book. OK, vendettas aren't quite as amazingly cheap as they used to be, but we got a few shiny new toys, and some excellent new orders. Here are a few bullet points of the pros and cons of the new book-

  • Order range for all voice of command orders is now 12". This makes it a little easier to keep you platoon command squad in order range.
  • We now have 3 extra orders, giving us 9 in total, 6 of which can be used by the platoon commander. 
  • Wyverns- These things are probably the most point efficient infantry killing machines in the game. Even against Marines they force so many saves that they will kill a decent amount of troops. 
  • Conscripts are 3 pts a model- A point reduction per model, and the ability to make them fearless with priests makes these guys the ultimate blob. 
  • Leman Russ Tanks- Many of the Leman Russ tank variants got considerably cheaper, making them a lot more viable a choice. Many of the sponson options also got cheaper.
  • Command Tanks- Want an armour 14 warlord, you got it!
  • Armoured Sentinels- These guys got a massive point reduction. With the Vendetta no longer an auto take, we now have some spare fast attack slots too (not that this is that much of a restriction these days. :))
  • New Toys- The re-branded storm trooper, ogryn/bullgryn and Taurox plastic kits all expand our plastic range, aswell as giving us some more in game flexibility. OK, Ogryns are still over costed, but its always nice to have a moving wall of 3+ cover saves. :)
  • Sniper rifles are very cheap
  • Ratlings are now able to run after they shoot.
  • Ministorum priests- these guys really make blobs scary, all for 25 points. 
  • Warlord traits- We generally have quite a good warlord trait table, which is a small but helpful bonus. 

  • Vendettas- As mentioned above the price for the vendetta has sky rocketed. It also has had its transport capacity slashed to 6 models. Well, we all new it couldn't last forever. :)
  • Manticores- Manticores have seen a price increase. They are still an effective weapon, but with the price drop of the Leman Russ and the Wyverns, they are fighting off some tough competition for the heavy support of choice. 
  • Hydras- They are now open topped and also suffer from a lack of interceptor allowing them to shoot ground targets at full BS.
  • Rough Riders- Its a Pro that they are still in the codex, but I wish they had been given a little bit of rules love. Maybe next time. :)
  • Unit Cull- Well we lost a few units: Penal troops, Sly Marbo, Artillery choices (Griffon, colossus, Medusa). Although most artillery choices are still available through Forge world. Marbo was brilliant, but I don't feel he has left a gaping hole. Personally I miss the penal troops, but with a bit of luck, we will see them return with a data-slate/formation. 
  • Chimeras- Took a points increase and now have lasgun arrays and 2 fire points, instead of 5 fire points. This reduces their effectiveness with veterans, but with objective secured they are still a viable choice. 

These are all the changes that have initially stood out to me. Next time, I will start looking into each choice and mechanic in more detail. 

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  1. All good points...but what about the inexplicable costing of the (understandably under-used) devil dog? More expensive than a Leman Russ? What?

    I look forward to more, mate. I hadn't realised - for example - that ratlings could now shoot and scoot.

    It's a real shame that there is now no way at all (since Harker's changed) of giving Veterans infiltrate too...


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