Saturday, 7 June 2014

Orks V Astra Militarum- Our first Game of 7th Edition

Tom and I finally managed to squeeze in our first 7th Edition game. I was just busting to try out my new wyverns and Pask, so I wrote a list built around these units. Tom played his highlander list from our 6th edition 1000 point tournaments. I will note that this was more about pushing toy soldiers around the board than an indepth study of 7th, but we had fun and picked up the general concepts of the new books.

We both left a lot of equipment in reserve. The mission was 'The Emperors Will", so a draw was what we expected.

I deployed Pask's punisher in the centre of my lines and left the Wyverns deep in my central deployment zone. Toms lootas and lobbas held his backfield as the Nob Bikers and Warboss positioned themselves to gun themselves towards Pask.

Initial deployment- Pask and the Wyverns face off against Lootas, Lobbas and Nob Bikers with a Warboss.
 The Wyverns open up for the very first time, as Pask and the Executioner fire upon the rapidly closing Bikers. 
 The first of many blast templates descend on lootas
The now empty hill the lootas had occupied mere moments before. Wyverns are great. 

With the Nobz closing in, Pask fires on the Warboss, killing him with high velocity shells.
 The last remaining biker claims vengeance, taking out first pask, and later the executioner.
Meanwhile Ork and Guard reserves arrive.
 The Stormboyz swiftly wreak havoc on the Wyverns, destroying both. The explosions claim all but the Nob Zazgut's life. 
The Gretchin move in to support the lobbas, holding the Ork objective.
More guard infantry arrive as the dakkajet swoops in to eradicate the plasmagun veteran squad. 
The conscripts drag the remaining biker down, but arrive too late to save the stricken Executioner.

Whilst a clunky game to play, due to the lack of rules knowledge, it was fun never the less to get miniatures on the board. A draw was a fair representation of the battle, with both players suffering from rusty play styles. With the new Ork book due soon, I am sure I am in for some nasty challenges soon. 


  1. Colour me jealous - looks like a right blast!

    1. [Oops - sorry: pun NOT intended for once...]


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