Monday, 14 April 2014

Ultramarines on the Horizon! Test mini.

For a very long time now I have been threatening to paint up some ultramarines.I have always wanted to do a force based on the Tyrannic War on Macragge. Particularly I wanted to focus on the defence of the northern Polar region, where the first company died to a man before the 3rd company arrived. 

I again wanted this force to utilise NMM and hopefully allow me to explore some source lighting techniques and free hand work. Here is how my test miniature turned out: 
 So Far Im pleased with the progress. I haven't fully worked out what I want to do for the bases, but I have been drawing a lot of Inspiration from James Wappel's Fabulous base work, particularly the marble effect.
This Miniature has long been a favourite of mine, the pose and the facial detail really makes this miniature a joy to paint. Tale of Painters has some excellent tutorials on ultramarines, so a big thank  you to those guys for all their excellent articles. You can find them HERE!


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