Thursday, 6 February 2014

Purge Mission 247- Orks Vs Imperial Guard/Inquisition (1000pt Highlander)

Well continuing on with the campaign, the Orks and Guard fight once again. We are using these games to play test some of our lists for the up and coming highlander tournament Tom (uniteallaction) and I are running.
For those unfamiliar with highlander, it is a 1000pt tournament, where each army list must be created with only one of any type of unit. For example I could only play one infantry platoon, one company command squad, one veteran squad etc, etc. Allies are still allowed, although escalation and stronghold assault have been ruled out...for obvious reasons at 1000pts.

So as always the fluff:

+++With Imperial ground holding firm, the Ordo Xenos requisitioned several of the Imperial battle groups to strike out and perform purge missions on Ork held territory. As a scouting detail, containing a local inquisitorial advisor and his psykic charges, moved through the northern quadrant of the old colony ruins, they ran into an Ork battery hidden in an old tenement building- as they moved to assault the guns, reinforcements arrived in the form of crude Ork war bikers and one of the fearsome Ork jet fighters. What followed was one of the deadliest engagements in the opening stages of the campaign.+++

As we lined up for battle I immediately got nervous- A Dakkajet, and a hulking 10 man unit of Nob Bikers. These things had previously destroyed a Baneblade, so I was unsure how my psyker list would fair against such brute force...
 The imperial force, including a platoon, a penal squad, adeptus arbites (grenade launcher vets), psyker battle squad, primaris psyker, Ordo Xenos Inquisitor, griffon mortar, sly marbo, a demolisher and a vendetta.

The Ork Horde, 10 gretchin (not pictured), Biker warboss, 10 Nob Bikers, a dakkajet and 3 Lobbas

Deployment was a simple affair, with the Orks deploying their Gretchin and Lobbas as far back as possible.
 The Platoon with the Inquisitor holds the right flank.
 The Primaris Psyker and the Arbites support the griffon on the Left flank.
The Demolisher holds the centre as the Psykers hunker down in the ruins, sensing a sudden attack beyond the horizon. 
The Imperials were set to go first, however the cunning Orks stole the initiative and opened fire on the psyker battle squad with the Lobba battery. They kill 3 of their number with a super accurate barrage, forcing the pyskers to ground.

The Imperials return fire, destroying one of the enemy field guns.
In turn 2 the dakkajet screams in, opening fire on the psykers, killing only one due to the hard cover. The lobbas also keep their guns level, killing the remaining two psykers and leaving the overseer with all of his charges wiped out. He stays in the fight, taking up position in the ruins.
The dakkajet, belches smoke as it zero's in on it's prey.

The Nob Bikers, jockeying for position careen onto the battlefield, moving flat out towards the inquisitor.

The Inquisitorial Adept, filled with zeal orders his platoon into the fray, supported by the demolisher and  griffon battery.

The Inquisitorial adept bellows a challenge of rage, and the warlord accepts, both laying each other low with fearsome blows. These two adversaries are now sworn enemies. 

Meanwhile an Imperial operative, who had spent several days getting into position, uses the distraction of the battle to attack the Ork Guns, destroying the remaining field pieces with an awesome detonation charge. 

Despite the brutal counter attack, the guardsmen are cut down by the powerful Orks. The nob bikers proceed to chase down the fleeing survivors and target the demolisher and the overseer at the same time. 
The demolisher is destroyed, the overseer is cut down and the remaining guardsmen take a beating, but miraculously hold their nerve to fit another round.

 Finally the guard air cover enters play, immediately targeting the Ork Nobs

Meanwhile the dakkajet screams in to destroy the griffon, only to be targeted by the grenade launchers of the Adeptus arbites. With its flightpath heading straight towards them, the dakkajet flies right into the explosive grenades, blowing off one wing. The stricken machine corkscrews into the ground.

The penal detachment wipe out the gretchin and move to engage the Nob bikers, rapid firing them, but to little effect.

And so, mercifully the game ends in turn 5, the guard forces severely battered. With few of their number remaining the guard quit the field, but not before giving the Orks a bloody nose.

Conclusions: The Nob bikers rule at this points level, acting like the huge mobile shooty and assaulty death star that they are. I think Tom was right to target my psykers early on an bring the Nobs on from reserve. The Lobbas are nasty, and with ammo grunts, they really can provide some accurate and deadly fire-power.

I enjoyed including an inquisitor and prescience came in handy, although I feel my platoon needs a little more dakka.

It has been tremendous to fit these games in these last few weeks, and i hope there are many more Thursday evenings to come!


  1. You're so lucky to get this gaming in! And I know for a fact my paltry 5th Ed forces wouldn't really stand much of a chance against this onslaught...

  2. Yes, its been brilliant, with work quite quiet this time of year, I have squeezed in a tonne of games, including games against grey knights and Eldar. I don't know what I can do against 10 Nob Bikers


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