Sunday, 16 February 2014

Plasma gun command squad

So with all the gaming recently, I have been inspired to do a bit more painting. This time its all about plasmaguns!

Once again apologies for the grainy pictures- I think i need to research my camera a little more. Anyway on to the pictures.

 Like the veteran squads in my army, I have used scout legs for the troopers. Although in game this squad will count as a company command squad, it will actually represent the Veteran platoon command squad for 5th company, 32nd Vastadtian Fusiliers.

For the Lt. I have used an old catachan Platoon commander.This guy just looks bad ass enough to command a veteran unit.

The first two of the plasma gunners. I have used cadian, catachan and scout parts for these guys. I love these cadian tank crew heads with the glare shades. Fitting for a plasma user.

Again, more cadian, catachan and scout parts, including the use of a catachan sentinel pilot head.

Looking forward to trying this squad out in a game. I need to learn the Imperial Litany of maintained weapons to protect against overheats. :)


  1. That Catachan commander is a nice touch. It's a shame it's not more popular, it seems to have passed most people by but you've done a really good job on him!

  2. The blue makes a nice change normally it's red or yellow.


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