Sunday, 23 February 2014

Imperial Guard Tournament Display Board

This weekend (Saturday 22nd February), Tom 'Uniteallaction' O'Reilly and I held a tournament over at the North Down Wargaming Centre. As part of the tournament we introduced soft scores, something that has often caused controversy within the Northern Irish gaming community. We included painting, basing, wysiwyg, objective marker and display board points. This was all well and good until I realised I didn't actually have a display board or the necessary 6 objective markers. 

So I dug out an old carry case and some foam board and set to work last Sunday evening... 

I started by measuring my army on the board, and test fitting details around it. The following pictures show a few details I built specifically for the board, aswell as some kids toys and old terrain pieces.
 I added a road, made simply from a thick strip of foam board with smaller squares of plasticard adding some surface detail. 
 I used an old toy and a sentinel pilot to create a watchtower.

 I had been given three of these tents almost ten years ago and had never quite found a reason to use them, until now!
 The imperial assassin (Marbo) hangs out on his own beside some old Ikore stowage pieces. 
 The Vendetta Got its own landing pad. Again cut from foam board. I used a quality street tin to get the basic shape. 
 I then printed out a large imperial eagle and traced it onto plasticard. I cut this out and added it to the landing pad. I simply scored the foam board and bent it down to creat a loading ramp.
 And below is a clearer picture of the landing pad under-coated.
I then flocked and under coated the whole display board. 

And so here is the final picture, with the army and my objective markers included. 

 I liked the idea that the board depicts a forward operations post, on the way to the front line. 
And My Inquisitor, with his servo skull, sending the troops forward. 


  1. Simple but very effective and a good bit of narrative to it as well...
    How did you fare in the scoring?

  2. Thanks Phil. I just wanted to keep it simple and show that a display board doesn't need a massive investment in time. I got my full soft scoring points, as I had a fully painted and based, wysiwig army with a display board and my lists submitted on time. We actually had about 5 or 6 of the players attain the maximum points for soft scores, and I don't think anyone got lower than 8 with most hitting about 16 points.

  3. This is an absolute triumph of a realistic approach to 'doing' this hobby in style. Boody well done, mate - it looks brilliant!

    Y'know, I'm not in the habit of saying such things, but this might be the kind of content the chaps over at BoLS may wish to promulgate: maybe you should drop them a line...?

  4. Thanks Drax. I must admit, now that I have done it, I have a bit of a bug to do some guard barrack terrain after this. :) I think I'll post it up there. :)


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