Thursday, 13 February 2014

Imperial Guard Autocannon Teams- 1st squad painted

With plenty of free hobby time on my hands this January/ February, I have managed to fit in a bit more hobby than I am used to.

So I have managed to fit in the first of two autocannon heavy weapon squads.

As you can see I have continued to follow Le Mediko's pattern of autocannon, however I have changed the firing mechanism to a remote control devise.

This has been done by simply adding a small ring and strip of plasticard to the base of a heavy weapons double trigger.

 I have used a range of GW figures including metal catachans from the old heavy weapons teams, to plastic cadians, the plastic catachans, and even plastic tank crew components.

 I like to make every heavy weapons team into a mini diorama, with the crew interacting as much as possible.

Hope you enjoy these. I will hopefully start work on the second squad soon. Gotta love those autocannons!


  1. Very nice. The autocannons look a bit like a WW2 AA mount.

  2. Great stuff, mate!

    I particularly like the interplay between the crews...

  3. Thanks for the comments. I really enjoyed building these. One more squad to go!


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