Thursday, 16 January 2014

Penal Legionaires Using Cadians

In my last post I showed off the Anvil Industry heads I had used for my second Penal Legion squad. Today, after finally getting some decent lighting I can show you the squad (minus the driller, who is a WIP)

My first squad can be found HERE!

So Introducing Penal detachment 2!
 All nine of the convicts.

 You have to have one knife weilding madman!

A dirty rotten rat!

Im quite pleased with these guys, who will be getting their first blooding this very evening!


  1. I like them. The are the most reminiscent I've seen of the b&w illustration in the codex. Good job.

  2. Thanks Zzzzzz. That was my plan, I liked the idea that they all look kinda the same.


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