Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Orks V Imperial Guard Blitzkrieg Mission (Vesen Campaign Continues)

So an update on last weeks game between myself and Tom O'Reilly. This takes us into a new phase of our campaign.

We used the Battle Missions book and picked the Ork Blitzkrieg Mission. Whilst designed for 5th edition, the rules can, with a little bit of agreement, work quite well for 6th. With out further ado, here is the fluff:

+++ With the Sectung Line tightly defended by the Imperials, The Ork horde had dispatched raiders to hold key defensive positions over looking the northern sector of the line. This would enable the Orks to gain a foothold above the main line and establish artillery emplacements. 

Upon realising the need to secure the high ground, General Parak had dispatched elements of the 3rd company, Vastadtian fusiliers to reconnoitre and secure Hill Crest 475, the site of an ancient viaduct. As the forces drew close, Smoke could be seen over the rise... It appeared the Orks had arrived first.++++

The table was divided vertically with objectives being placed on the three hill tops along the diagonal. Table quarters we then picked by the Orks who deployed first. The gun batteries and the lootas hung back, whilst the main assault force (the battle wagon with 20 boys and the trukk with three meganobs and a war boss) pushed forwards. The guard hung back and hugged cover.
The Orks went first, pushing forward as quickly as possible, moving the vehicles right up to the crest of the hill. The Lobbas opened fire, landing 3 very precise shots directly on the heads of the Arbites (shotgun Vets). Luckily their cover held, loosing only 2 of their number to the barrage fire. 

As the Blitzkrieg allowed reserves from turn 1 the Ork Deffkopta chomped in and fired its rokkit at the tail of the griffon. With a miss, the guard lines retaliated, killing the whirlybird. Turn 1 also saw the first wave of Imperial Penal Legionaries scouting on and opening fire on the Lootas, killing 4. The remaining Loota ran away, only to regain his nerve and stand his ground.

 With the Penal Legion baring down, the Lobbas opened fire, wiping the squad out to a man. 
 Meanwhile third squad pushed forward to join up with the Ratlings on the left flank objective.
 On turn 2 Skarsnik and his Kommandos arrive, roasting the guard line and causing 14 casualties. 
 The guard turn, and quickly strike back, wiping out his unit, however, with the main Ork assault baring down on them the main bulk of the guard lines is surrounded and in immediate danger.

The Meganobs destroyed the Arbites squad, and quickly began hunting a new target, whilst the battle wagon disgorged its troops, who moved to hold the central objective.
 Despite a brave attempt by Captain Pluskat, Lt. Gren and 1st squads Sgt to grenade the battle wagon, it surged on, taking out the Hydra and Griffon with its churning Deffrolla.
The second wave of penal troopers eventually show up, killing the remaining loota and assaulting the guns over two turns, before making their way to support the left hand objective.
The Ogryns and Lord commissar, held up in the Chimera, make a mad dash to flank the Ork boys, but their chimera is destroyed by the Ork war boss. Quickly they dismount and assault the hulking beast.

 Eventually they drag down the towering menace, but not before loosing their bonehead and commissar. 

And so the game is drawn to a close after the full 7 turns. The Orks control the central objective and the guard hold the two hill top objectives on the outside of the battlefield. Although technically a guard win, I think if this game had have continued another turn or two, things might have been very different for the Imperial Guard.

Most Importantly, this was one of the most fun games I have played in a long time. It was viscously bloody on both sides, and had the feel of a real 40k game. I am definitely looking forward to the next instalment of this campaign. 

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  1. This looks brilliant mate - it seems to have an almost 'old-school' sense of fun to it: some great looking models too!

    Bloody well done, and thanks for sharing!


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