Sunday, 19 January 2014

Battle Report- Orks and Imperial Guard- Salvage Operation

Hi Guys- This is a battle report recounting a game played just before Christmas. My regular opponent, Tom (Uniteallaction) was, as always, playing his Orks in our long running narrative campaign based on the planet Vesen. We had decided to experiment with some old battlefield rules, based on hazardous landscapes. All in all these didn't make a huge impact on the outcome of the game, but it did add a little bit of fun to the experience. Anyway onto the battle report.

+++ An Imperial resupply flight was destroyed en route to landing zone alpha in the northern sector of the Sectung Line (the defensive string of bunkers and fortifications manned by 88th division, 40th Corps). 
Taking flak damage over the Ork held region of the Pletnus Mountains, the Imperial marauder dropped its cargo over an old settlement, ten clicks from Imperial forces. A detachment was dispatched from the Vastadtian forces holding stations 214-240 to collect any surviving supplies. 

Meanwhile an Ork force under the command of a freebooter war boss swiftly moved in to claim the 'Loot' they had seen falling from the sky. Just after dawn the two forces met...+++

This was a 1500pt game.

This was the mission deployment. The Imperials deployed first, placing their armour heavily on the right flank and stretching the infantry off to the left. The Orks deployed mostly on the right flank, looking to get to grips with the Imperial forces as swiftly as possible.

With the Orks Seizing the Initiative, They quickly pressed forward, hoping to put pressure on the Imperial Lines.

With little room to manoeuvre the Imperials pushed forward for a counter attack. Hoping to open the trukks and counter charge the boyz inside.
 The Guard are urged forwards by the Priest and the two commissars.
Commissar Bilk, Opens the speeding trukk with his power fist, killing eight of the boyz inside with the force of the explosion. 
Under the covering fire of a flamer squad, the imperial guardsmen charge the disembarked Ork raiders.

By turn two the guard and Ork front lines have collided in a swirling melee. A bellowing Ork Nob, after watching the destruction of his trukk duals with Commissar Bilk, Laying him low with a fierce string of attacks.
The Imperials are winning the combat, despite watching their Lord Commissar defeated. They rally and fight through the Ork Mobs, despite suffering devastating losses.

Commissar Adept Polt defeats the Ork Nob in single combat, and, in a rage, beheads the Monster that defeated his Mentor. 

 However whilst the fierce combat rolls on, the Nob bikers reap havoc amongst the Imperial Armour, destroying three of the four Leman russ. 
The Looted wagons however, seem to be struggling, having been unable to stop the vehicles drive train from ramming each other. 
 The remaining victorious guardsmen make a dash for the central objective, only to be over ran by the deadly nob bikers. Who move onto the objective.

Meanwhile two brave and plucky guardsmen, make a mad dash for the remaining objective on the left flank, giving the Imperials a consolation prize if nothing else. 

Despite a valiant effort, the Imperial forces run out of steam, with the determined Orks battering them relentlessly away from the Loot. The Orks Hold two of the three objectives, forcing the Imperials to retreat with only a small helping of the supplies the desperately needed. 

This was a great fun game, and it was a lot of fun to play against the lootas and the trukk boy squads. I don't often get to use a priest, but I may start including these more often as they do add a nice bit of flavour. 

Until Next time you pesky Orks!!!


  1. it certainly was a fun game and a really good read, we are definitely starting to get a little bit of value out of our hobby. So let's keep the momentum up.

  2. I seriously love the look of these games. Seriously.

    Bloody well done, chaps!

  3. Thanks Drax. Plenty more to come from this series of games. We hope to develope some video reports too. :)


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