Monday, 13 January 2014

Anvil Industries Product Review- Bare Heads

I love Anvil Industry. Not a great way to start what is supposed to be an objective review, but still, I do.    More and more I am finding that third party companies excite me in a way that Games Workshop and even Forge World do not. And until this moment, I was completely unaware of why that was increasingly the case.  Turns out, it is the little things.

Games Workshop and Forge World are always pushing to go bigger and badder, but as a hobbyist, that isn't what I am interested in. What I want is the accessories, the head swaps and the weapon upgrades to make my tanks and troopers that little bit special. Forge World do produce these sorts of products, but not in the same variety as the great third party companies out there.  This is what Anvil Industry and bits companies like them do so well.

As some of you may know I have previously used Anvil Industry, purchasing some of their rather nice resin bases- if you haven't seen that review you can check it out HERE!

Something which I must mention about Anvil Industry is the great care in the packaging of your purchases. We all know that as gamers and hobbyists, receiving nice miniatures in the post is an occasion, and Anvil Industry helps to make each package a bit more special.

So to the products in question today- the bare heads from the Exo-Lords range (which can be found HERE).

I purchased these after a long search for bald heads, knowing that I wanted to create a second squad of Penal Legion. Originally I thought I would have to 'Make Do' with these heads, as they are designed to fit the Exo Armour and therefore had rather bulky necks.

They arrived like this...

The detail is good, and the resin is high quality, with a shiny quality similar to plastic. This stuff is similar to the type of resin used by Forge World before Finecast.

The neck piece came off very easily and I was able to very quickly covert up some penal troopers. Unfortunately I was in such a flurry of hobby mania, that I had completed the entire squad before my camera batteries charged. So here are some close ups of how the heads turned out (apologies for the poor quality, I was struggling with the light tonight).

All in all I am quite pleased with these products, and they took very little trimming to get right. I think they look right at home as penal legionaires.
I will post up pics of the completed squad soon. I will hopefully get a bit better light tomorrow. So until next time, I'm off to play with my bitz!

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  1. It's always good seeing New recruits for your regiments.


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