Thursday, 14 November 2013

Supply company infantry platoon completed...almost.

Recently I have had very little time to hide away in my room, however I have managed to sneak my paints down to the living room and crack on with some much needed painting. This has constricted blog time, but nevertheless, my infantry platoon is (almost) complete.

I have created this platoon in a way that allows me to list it up in a number of ways. I like to swap between flamers and grenade launchers in the squads. With this in mind I have created two separate special weapons teams, giving me seven flamers and seven grenade launchers to mix and match across the platoon.

As I mentioned this platoon is almost complete. I still want to create 6 autocannon teams, again to mix throughout the platoon, adding even more versatility to the unit.

The Lt and his flamer unit. 

With this Platoon, I wanted to keep the themes I had started with the Veterans squads, but make them look a little more standard. I used the entrenching tool backpacks and extra pouches to give the platoon the look of a sapper unit.

I used some of the beret heads from the Max Mini range. These added a splash of colour throughout the unit.

I also used the rolled up sleeves technique quite a lot. This really adds to the more ragtag look of this outfit, and also allows me to create even more poses by mixing in catachan arms. I will post up a tutorial on this soon.

This miniature below was an experiment with a catachan death world sniper model that had become damaged. I have always wanted to try a prone model, however I am still undecided what to so for a base.

Apologies for the poor photographs. With winter drawing in, its very difficult to get a good balance of light. but I will try and improve these soon. :)


  1. Motorcycle base would seem to fit. Plus there'd be loadsa room for basing..

  2. That would probably be the wisest choice. I'm just a bit worried how it would look beside the other bases in the squad.

  3. Looking good, man! The subtle conversions and bit swaps really give 'em a lot of character. Keep up the great work!

  4. @Mordian7th- Thanks Glad you like them.

    @Unite all action- Ha-ha- your not the only one who can build more flamers! Our next battle could be interesting.

  5. Whoa! How did I miss these lovely models?! Great work, mate - great work!


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