Friday, 15 November 2013

Female Imperial Guard commissar model painted

Well as you can see my painting time really has been improved. I have really had a good amount of time to sit down and get cracking. If I could complain about anything however, its the poor lighting in my living room. I may need to buy a small day glow lamp to paint under.

Anyway, I have something of a confession to make. I think I have developed a small addiction to finding rare imperial guard miniatures on eBay. It started with Rogue Trader guard miniatures so that I could create a rogue trader platoon, but recently I have found myself hunting down some limited edition models. The first of which was this... the female commissar from Games Day 96 I believe- Introducing Commissar Balbreagher.

This model was a joy to paint. Between the two commissars I have painted recently, I really feel like I am learning a lot about painting, particularly black, which I have regularly avoided like the plague.

I have also just found a little bargain with this miniature, but she might have to wait until I'm painting my next platoon.


  1. A very nice paintjob on a lovely model. Have to say I share your addiction - I got the Necromunda Adeptus Arbites models and had to paint them up.

    1. Im glad you like it. I'm also a huge fan of the Arbites. I've had a bash at painting up some of my own here:

  2. Very cool! Definitely dig how she turned out!

  3. Very nice, the greens look really top notch, and the white gloves are an especially nice touch.

  4. Nice looking model. It makes me want to finish mine.

  5. Very clean - well done!

    I can't paint black to save my life...

  6. Top stuff AJ. You'll have to watch that (awesome) addiction, it can get a bit expensive!

  7. Thanks guys. Glad you like her. I know I will have to be careful with the addiction. Although, I have already made another three small purchases. Gulp!


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