Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Man (or Wo-man) Cave.

It is a hobbyists dream, his/her own space to create armies, fight worthy foes or just get out of watching Downton Abbey.

I consider myself very fortunate as both a gamer and a hobbyist  to have my own private hobby sanctuary. Its taken me a while to get it into some sort of shape, but I thought I would share it with you all now...

Last December my partner Jade and I moved out of my parents house and into our own place. When we were viewing the property she whispered to me "If we rent this house, you can have the box room!"

It was perfect. Okay, I couldn't exactly get a 6' x 4' in there, but I knew I could fill every wall with miniatures, and with a big enough desk, fulfil my hobby desires.

My Best mate Tom from Unite All Action kindly donated his old glass cabinet to the cause, filling an empty spot in the corner just nicely!

It has become a little sanctuary, a den and (although it can get a little messy) my favourite spot in the house.

If I was ever in a position to own my this house, I have already claimed the rights to a garage, with room for a workshop and at least one gaming table, even if it means putting up with a washing machine and some laundry. :)


  1. Hearty, hearty, hearty congratulations, mate - on both the move and the hobby room!

    My wife always considers my hobby space when she's looking at dream houses...but - like you - it's impossible to see anything like an end to renting...especially with two kids and only one income...

  2. Nice to see you have some space there! :) Looking forward to getting back into a place of my own again.


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