Friday, 27 September 2013

Simple Bloodbowl Dug out- Part 2

The dwarfs inspect my shoddy human workmanship.

So I have continued work on my Dwarf Dugout. All has been going well, and whilst indulging in some window shopping, I stumbled across this...
£3.99 from 'The Works' formerly 'Bargain Books', if you are UK/ Ireland based. :)

I was instantly inspired to use this art box as my dugout. I knew it would work, so I picked it up and rushed home. As soon as I fitted the score track inside, I know it would be perfect.
The inside...full of potential!

As I looked at the box I noticed there seemed to be a compartment more than I needed, so I measured it up to see if the team would fit. Luckily all twelve seemed to sit quite nicely top to tail.

I based this compartment with some green felt.

Then I built a lid for the carry case component and cut out some old foam to stop any paint chipping.
 Tops and Tails, Dwarf Style!

 The foam 'lid' of the carry compartment.
Snug as a bug in a rug, or a dwarf in foam.

A good dwarf knows to put the lid down after!

So now my dugout could not only be perfectly portable, but also carry the team safely between games. I would have to limit the furniture in the dugout however as there would be little room to build anything too high if I needed the box to close.

To cover the foam, I decided to flock the plasticard lid, this would give my management team somewhere to reside during the game.

I then started working on detail...

I attached the turn tracker, and also added a second wall to create the three dug outs.

I added gravel around the turn tracker, and also began work on the floors in the dug out.

I created the stone paving by rolling out some (or a lot) of greenstuff into a thin flat sheet. I placed this on the floors and scored the rough square shapes into the putty. Once it had dried, I cut the edges roughly so that they would look cracked.

I decided not to pave the dead and injured box as I felt this would look quite good as a burial yard. I added gravel to the mound and used an old dwarf spade marker from the battle of skulls pass boxed set to create a head stone.

I needed steps down into the dug out, and decided to dig round the bases box for more inspiration. As most of the dug out had 90 degree angles, I felt some rounded edges would help smooth the look. I picked up a 60mm round base and a 40mm round base and cut them in half, and then one of the halves into quarters. This then gave me three sets of steps, two small and one large.
  I added plasticard to the tops of the bases,
but I also green stuffed on the paved sections

All that was left then was to simply tidy up and add a little bit more gravel, to fill in gaps and it was time to mask up the outside of the box for spraying.

 I tidied up any of the missed areas with black paint, and cleaned around the outside where some paint had seeped through the cheap masking tape I used. D'Oh!

That is all for now. Still the re-roll counters to design and build, and then its on to painting. I have not had this much fun on a project in a long time, even if it hasn't been as simple as I had planned...


  1. Excellent and ingenius. This is an idea well worth stealing! hehe!

  2. Thanks. Glad you like it. Steal away! :)


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