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Imperial Guard Vs Chaos Space Marines. A sort of battle report.

This is a battle from a while back.  So here it is- a sort of battle report...

Breaking Through...
The Cavalry charge- Cinematic if nothing else...

+++Astropath level: Gamma: Secundus++++
+++++Black Crusade Mission Logs+++++
++Security Breakdown Calah sector++
+M41 997 [Imperial Standard]+

Message from the Dogonian High Command-
Our Attack Forces have retired in the face of overwhelming enemy opposition Surrounding the Three Spires Hives. Early Stages of Attack successful. High enemy casualties. Imperial and Union forces to reform on Klant Ridge, Spin ward of Attack zone Alpha.
Glory to the union and the Emperor.
+++Transcript Ends+++

Major Eklan read the dispatches and spat on the ground. The Vastadtians, along with all the first wave had been sent into oblivion and the Dogonian Union commanders had allowed it to happen despite the Generals petitioning.
His company had been holding the Imperial Perimeter. Now the remnants of the once vast imperial land armada would be limping home.  
“Dremalt- Gather who you can find. We need to mount a rescue.”


Krubik smiled as he watched the smoke trails of the Imperial retreat. Black smoke, thick like blood mist hung off them. He could smell the fear and desperation despite the great distance. Soon his great commander would snare the routed forces in a glorious pincer.
“Death to the foot soldiers of the false emperor!” he rasped as he mounted his APC, ready to join the hunt.


The Dogonian union high command has sent many Imperial soldiers to their death in a misjudged charge at the once great three Spire Hives. With the Imperial forces in retreat many ad-hoc rescue units have been organised to find and protect the routed guard and PDF forces.
The Arch enemy has chosen to try and encircle the fleeing foe, hoping to cut them off and slaughter them.  

And so this is the brief fluff I had drawn up for my game against my Friend Kevin's mighty Chaos Horde.

We would both be playing experimental lists. Kevin was using a plague zombie force with Typhus, and I was using a rather seriously heavy pointed HQ (Including Nork Deddog, Kell and Col. Straken). I also was keen to bring along some Ogryn and some rough riders. Leaving my Vendettas at home for the first time in a long time. A choice I almost immediately regretted,.... almost.

So with the fluff in place, we deployed, with vanguard strike as the deployment.

The Chaos advanced first, moving at full speed towards the Imperial lines. The guard called a full stop, opening up with everything on the daemon engine heading for their left flank. The mauler field was taken down by a battle cannon shell to the gut.

A deafening shriek was heard over the battlefield as yet another foul daemon engine flew down upon the Imperials...The dreaded helldrake had arrived.

And immediately targeted its prey, destroying the command chimera of Major Eklan.
Despite this the Ogryns took a lucky shot as it flew over their chimera, enraged by the attack on their beloved boss, and by sheer weight of fire took down the speeding Hell Drake.

As the focus of the battle was drawn on this encounter, an Imperial undercover operative took the opportunity to detonate some high explosives they had set earlier in the campaign.
The detonation killed ten of the ancient Chaos Marines, however those who survived the blast now sought revenge for their fallen kith... As the Imperial Agent was now exposed, nothing would stop the Chaos Marines from exacting their revenge.

Typhus, exiting his land raider now headed for Major Eklan, who had taken refuge in the buildings near his wrecked chimera.
Typhus and his bodyguard fought a vicious hand to hand battle with the major and his command squad.
Despite almost wiping out the command squad, typhus eventually succumbed to the vicious counter charge of the loyal Ogryns, making them twice saviours of the Major. 

Typhus Land raider, now empty opens fire on the Ogryns Chimera, sparking off the fuel reserves and causing a cataclysmic explosion.
The Vindicator, Having sat Idle since early in the battle, now tries its luck against the chimera facing down the cultists, but in the smoke and confusion mislays its shot, causing no serious damage.
Not were I would want to be...

 Major Eklan, Closely protected by the Ogryns, fall back to the buildings. 
The Chimera which narrowly avoided destruction hoses the bottlenecked cultists, sending them back the way they came. 

All in all, this was a great game. It could have gone either way right up until the final two turns, however, with the removal of Typhus and the hell drake, the imperial position was sitting in a pretty strong position. I do think a rematch is due very soon.


  1. Rough Riders and Ogryn - hat's off to you sir, good show!

  2. Sometimes, you just got to use the cool stuff and hang the rules!

  3. Sweet!

    And here's to using the Fun Stuff, eh?!


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