Monday, 5 August 2013

Anvil Industry- Cracked Plains to Cracked Ice Biker Bases

It has finally happened. I have finally got around to starting my Ultramarine force, based on the northern Polar defence during the First Tyrannic War. I will be incorporating elements of the third company, largely on bikes and the first company, although in the background they never actually fought side by side during this battle (the first company having already been wiped out to a man by the time reinforcements arrived).

First thing on my agenda was biker bases. I have never done snow themed bases before (apart from a small amount on a commission about a year ago), so I went hunting for some nice themed bases.

I found some nice cracked plains bases from Anvil Industry and thought they could work quite well to mimic Ice rifts and snow. I have purchased a few nice items from Anvil Industry and I have to say the quality and service is excellent. Their products are very good and very nicely cast. I always liked their wonderful weapons components (the double barrelled shotguns are particularly genius). Check out their site HERE!!!

As I have said the bases were designed to look like this...
Picture used without permission from Anvil Industry website...Sorry! 

I really liked the shape and as they were reasonably priced (£1.40 per base) I decided they would be worth a try. 

They are cast in a heavy black resin which is perfect for a gaming base and they take paint very well, so well in fact I didn't need to primer them before hand. Here are some snaps of how they ended up, I am very pleased with the results. 

Unfortunately I never took in progress shots, but I have just purchased another set, so I will do a step by step breakdown next time. For now it is time to assemble some plasma toting space marine bikers.

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