Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Aegis Defence Line and Scratchbuilt Quad Autocannon Emplacement

After the six nations I realised I was badly in need of an Aegis defence line. From building all my hydras back in the height of 5th edition, I had a few lying around. The only thing was I didn't like the look of the box that the Quad auto sat on, So I quickly rustled up my own. It was a little rushed, so lacks the nice details (rivets and aquilas mainly), but it was handy enough in a pinch. I simply used the gun compartments I had built for my hydras, saving me some time and a few quid. It has got me thinking about building a trailer for one though :)

It was definetly worth the effort to add in for the tournament, helping he to stay mid pack, a place I was greatful for after the drumming I had recieved at the six nations.

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