Monday, 1 April 2013

Troop Truck Diorama- Wounded Guardsman

I managed to get some hobby time last night, but with a new puppy, I wasn't allowed to bring anything sharp downstairs. So with paint brushes and paints out of reach, I finally got round to painting the troop truck diorama that has been sitting on my shelf for months. I also managed to add sme stowage to the vehicles loading bay. I feel this helps to pad out any conversion, and just makes everything fit  bit better.

Here are some pics of how I got on;

Im quite pleased with the poses. I had wanted an extra trooper holding up a drip, but I don't think the diorama suffers without him.

 It was quite difficult to get a good shot of the piece through the crossbars, in future I will take some close ups before I glue the miniatures in.

 For the wounded guardsman, I used a catachan bare torso which I added greenstuff to, to create the ripped open shirt

Thats two trucks done, just two more to do. If anyone has any suggestions for cool dioramas that would fit in the trucks loading bay, I would love to hear them! 


  1. How about a couple of surly/dejected prisoners (by that I mean ig troopers- deserters etc) guarded by a steely/watchfull/bored MP or junior commissar?

  2. This is brilliant, mate!

    Have you seen Col Corbane's old medic dioramas on Corbania Prime?


    How about a couple of guardsmen getting some brew and some grub on? After all, what are the beds of trucks for, if not a stable, level surface for the preparation of tea and bacon sarnies out of the wind?

  3. Those are pretty cool ideas. I like the idea of a chain gang in the back of a truck. Also, the cooking guardsmen sound good. Maybe they are sorting out their morning caffiene for the long journey to the front over a game of regicide?!?

    I took a look at col.cobaines medics, they are class. I really love delving into this side of guard life. I think it opens up a world of modelling opertunities.


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