Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Imperial Guard Infantry Squad Painted- One down three to go

I took a little break from the hoplite to show you my latest batch of painting. This is the first squad of standard infantrymen for my supply column force. I had been focusing on the vehicles until recently, but now its time for the poor bloody infantry. Im quite please with how these guys turned out. They fit well with the vehicles and the veterans I had previously built for this force.

Unfortunately I failed to get any WIP shots of these guys, or the next squad, however, I am currently building the third squad, so I will take some snaps of them and get them up here.


  1. Looking good, the auspex operator is straight out of aliens! I love the idea of a supply column force of rear echelon troops, instead of the usual 'veteran' theme of alot of armies... does that mean that there will be some more trucks and trojans?

    1. Thanks Phil. I was quite pleased with how the rolled up sleeves are working. I will indeed be working on some Trojans and smaller trucks soon. mainly to pull artillery. I want to add some heavy mortars and Earthshakers to this force.

  2. Classic Guard - a great look.

    I love the bases too...


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