Sunday, 17 March 2013

Curious constructs Hoplite tankette continues.

After a little spell of modellers block, I have finally started to work on the panelling detail for the Hoplite. All major sections have been fully built. It's now time to start the fine detail work. Here are some pictures so far. 

 Some damage to the cast tracks. This slowed down the work as I made repairs.
 The initial idea for the side detail. Changed slightly in fabrication, but a good base to work from.
 A quick mock up of the main side panel. All the detail will be added around this.
 And the first panel in place. This is mirrored on the other side.
 With the outer roadwheel mounts added. These will again have more detail added on top.
 Slightly more layering work done here. This will also receive some raised detail at the top.
And finally a quick reminder of the rear gun bay. Very early stages on this. The gun bay will probably have the most detail work. 

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