Monday, 11 February 2013

Hoplite update and Blood bowl Dwarf Referee

Work continues on the Hoplite. This doesn't seem to be a lot of work in the pictures, however it has taken a lot of time and filing to make sure the panels are even and 100 percent smooth. I have been tinkering away for weeks on this piece and I am happy to say that I will be moving on to detailing very soon. I thought for now that I would post up a few shots for scale to give you a better idea of the general size of the vehicle.

 A side view of the weapons carrier.

 The four major components, much filling and filing was needed here!

 A front view of the vehicle

An unobstructed side view.

When I have been waiting for the liquid green stuff to dry I have been playing about with this dwarf referee. As we only have a human ref in the league at the moment, I felt the humans had an unfair advantage, so I've painted up my own. 

Complete with an authentic Nike tick! 

 Im very pleased with how the stripes came out.

 All done bar the basing!

Time Out!!

Well it was just a short, picture intensive post today. I will hopefully have more up soon. :)


  1. Very excited about the hoplite. Definatley Holding off on buying any sentinels!

  2. I was hoping I would see more on the Hoplite!!
    Brilliant stuff keep it up! - Nice looking ref too.


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